आम्ही कोण? ….. We are speeding into action…

Vision –

To bring together all individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that believe in innovation and development of tribals, and to translate their energies into achievements that impact the way and quality of life and society.

Mission –

Ayush manch has mission, to create leaders/youths who will actively lead transformation in their surroundings and sustain it. Ayush manch aims to impact the lives of all peoples from thane in this timeframe with sustained transformation in their surroundings and quality of life.


All those who want to take on a initiative, those who want to contribute to making a difference to tribal life and the tribal world are welcome to join। Initially the network will be formed through the web medium। However, the objective is to extend it’s reach to the real-world, across regions, languages. The well-designed functioning of the network will ensure that people cannot use the network for commercial, political or religious/ideological gains, and also ensure that those with known controversial background are dealt with appropriately. The network will start with Thane district. However, after reaching a critical mass, it will reach out to other Districts, especially the developing and underdeveloped ones, to create a national network.


Projects are the expression of this network (ayush manch)। Each project will have dual objectives – one of making a difference in lifestyle to make competetive and other to create a platform to inspire and initiate tribal development, and to learn and express innovation, motivation and achievement. The projects will be those which provide a foundation for the longer term. These will be related to a variety of issues which impact life and society – common issues such as education, career, culture, unity, health, awareness, security, …etc., or regional / local projects. The projects will not be related to transitional issues or campaigns. A participant can take part in many projects in parallel, We will encourage participants to take up personal projects in their personal and professional lives, to use the energy and learning from the network purely for tribal-development.

Communication and Showcase

The discussion group will be used for communication across the network, for important matters and updates। Also, for every project, there will be a dedicated discussion group for the participants and a blog maintained by them. As projects and number of people grow, we will setup better ways for communication, discussion and co-ordination, including a dedicated blog. Initially, the blog will be used to showcase the activities. A website will be developed soon, which will be a portal to all activities of the network. The projects and their progress will be showcased and also the achievements of projects and individual participants. also sms network is formed to communicate with non network using peoples as there are big volume.

Roles and Responsibilities

all activities will be acrried out at own individual level by interested candidates, by there own way just refering the ayush manch guidelines। so they can work individually or by subgroup as per direction given by ayush manch. Participation is by choice, and so are responsibilities. As per the requirements of the project, there will be sub-groups for each type of task. Within each such group, participants can indicate their choice for certain roles and responsibilities. The assignment will be by consensus. Roles and responsibilities will be group based, not individual based. This is to reduce dependency and to ensure results. Individuals who show extraordinary abilities may however be given individual responsibility, if decided by the group. The idea is to give all those interested a chance to take up responsibilities. However with large number of participants, it may not be always possible. The network will strive to give such missed-out participants a chance in other projects which they participate in.

Support Ecosystem

All projects will have a support ecosystem that would enable it to sustain, grow and produce results. This will comprise of various aspects:
TeamsMaintaining and boosting the motivation and energy level of each participant is the key to making things happen. Participants will be connected to each other through local teams, which can meet as often as possible to support each other, solve problems, share experiences and celebrate achievements.
Advisers and MentorsThe network will constantly reach out to connect to enterprising and open-minded people who have knowledge, experience or resources which can be useful. These people will be from government institutions, private organizations, NGOs, academics, judiciary, social services, sports and entertainment. As as when needed, the participants can get connected to them for advice, knowledge or resources. There will also be mentors, people who have been providing leadership in their own way, and inspiring others. These mentors will guide projects to make them better, more innovative and more result-producing. The network will reach out to such leaders for their contribution.
ResourcesEach project group will be responsible for generating the resources, including funding if necessary. In this they can take advice and support from the advisers and mentors. In addition, the network will be looking at getting sponsors who can take care of specific aspects of projects.

Knowledge Management

The learning and knowledge obtained in the activities is valuable and needs to be managed in order to grow and improve। All communication, articles, profiles, activities, issues and approaches will be archived using appropriate technologies using the website (like orkut, blogs, webs, picassa, etc) as the medium. This can be referenced by anyone interested.


There will events organized in various cities, with the purpose of larger interaction among participants, face-to-face with inspirational leaders and to bring forth Tribal Network, it’s work and achievements to the world. These events will be organized as and when possible through sponsorships.
Funding and Sponsors

For various activities and projects, infrastructure, social causes and events, funding and sponsorship will be sought from appropriate organizations and individuals (prefferabaly only from tribals)। A committee comprising of network leaders and mentors will manage the proper use of funds.

The Returns

Satisfaction of having tried to make a difference, celebration of little achievements and the pride of being a Sucessfull tribal…these are the returns that Ayush manch Network seeks।


This is just the first step। We will evolve as we go along and create a great future.

An Invitation

Join us in translating this vision into a reality. You can join the Ayush manch network by sending an email to adiyuva@gmail.com, You can also invite your friends to join.


about us AYUSH is self volunteer group of professionals who wants to take initiative to develop & unified our tribal community for future competitions our basic aims are - To bring together all individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that believe in innovation and development of tribal’s, and to translate their energies into achievements that impact the way and quality of life and society - To connect peoples from different professions & locations with them form knowledge pool for knowledge & experience sharing - To guide/help rural students for their career & future with the help of knowledge pool - To create awareness about business opportunities & employment in rural areas - To connect the rural & urban peoples to update about the future trends & competitions - create confidence among tribal’s & make prepare for future competitions - create awareness about art & culture, promote to preserve art & culture with considering modern lifestyle - to promote strong unity under single tribal banner & remove subtribism in tribal community - remove the dependency & make tribal youth self dependant, confident & successful - To create awareness about use of latest technology in regular life & for social activates our vision A – Ambition of Growth Y – Youth Power U – Unity of Adivasi S – Surety of Support H – Helping Hand Always why we are here? - To utilize our peoples talented, skill & knowledge to help/guide tribal students for their bright future - To connect the peoples from different locations to our community & have good communication between rural & urban peoples - To act as stage for those who wants to something for our community & to translate their energy for developing our community - We are enjoying Satisfaction of having tried To make a difference and the pride of being & making a successful tribal how we can do ? - Connecting different peoples [by internet, mail, sms, forums, etc] - Communication & discussion with all connected peoples [peoples, professionals & students] - Conducting different programs [career guidance, educational guidance, art seminar, cultural festival, debate, etc] - These programs will create confidence among tribal’s which will help to ensure our success we expect - The peoples connected by internet are expected to guide & support our mission & activities - The rural peoples & professionals are expected to support & arrange different programs at local level connect with us - Our aim is to reach each & every tribal’s, we will be happy if you help us

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