AYUSH online – AUG 2009 concept version

Bridging the Tribal’s by Breaking the Distance Barrier.


AUG. 2009

Make contact. Build relationships. Get results.

AYUSH Highlights

– Get together was held at Ashagadh

– AYUSH blog updated

– AYUSH Google & yahoo group started

– AYUSH orkut profile & communities updated

– AYUSH online coverage strategy replaned

– AYUSH online sms blast started

– planning for future activities

– Reviewing the AYUSH plan & vision.

AYUSH get together – August 2009

Discussion topics in short

Specially for who those are at remote locations & are stuck up with their schedule. now onward AYUSH online will help you to get in touch with all AYUSH related activities monthly.

Unity –

ü Unity among the youths

ü Unity among the professionals

ü Unity among the community

communication –

ü communication among youths

ü communication among all professionals (knowledge pool)

ü communication among the community

competitiveness –

ü compete with city students

ü compete in business

ü be competitive in future

ü don’t depend on any subsidy or reservations

dependability –

ü don’t depend on individuals

ü don’t depend on any subsidy or external help

ü all activities should be process dependant

ü don’t depend on any organization or political party


ü be confident about all things

ü don’t underestimate your self

ü be clear about all things

ü try to read between lines, understand the process


ü don’t be theoretical

ü use your education for gaining knowledge

ü use your knowledge & education for your daily life

ü don’t just collect degrees

ü be update for latest trends

ü review your career plan according to market trends regularly


ü try for new business opportunities

ü support our peoples in all way

ü review your business styles for latest trends

ü use latest market trends


ü Preserve culture

ü Update the cultural activities according to time

ü Celebrate all festivals with some changes if needed

ü Preserve all cultural activities in right manner

ü Teach cultural activities to new generation

2009 – Aug. get together Ashagadh, dahanu

Location – ASHAGADH


TIME – 8th AUG

Time – 3pm -6 pm

Get together vision AYUSH


http://www.carwale.com/nl/aug09/img/news.gifTo introduce with all tribal’s

To know different thinking

To decide future strategy for AYUSH

To update about AYUSH

AYUSH Network Updates

Present online coverage

Orkut community


(Members in community)

Orkut profile


(Friends in orkut profile)

Blog readers


(Visitors to AYUSH blog)

SMS blast


(SMS recipient)

Mail recipients –


(Mail subscriptions)

AYUSH Connect Channels


– AYUSH orkut community

– AYUSH orkut profile

– AYUSH Google group

– AYUSH yahoo group

– AYUSH sms blast

– AYUSH Gmail

– AYUSH ymail

AYUSH Upcoming Activities

Get together at SEP end

Review AYUSH plan to remove dependability

Planning for upcoming programs

Widening the online coverage

Create financial support for AYUSH

Getting possible help from peoples

Send questions, thoughts, concerns to: adiyuva@gmail.com

Want to support AYUSH activities?
Please contact: mailto:adiyuva@gmail.com?subject=i%20want%20to%20support%20AYUSH%20activities

About AYUSH online
1. is form to communicate all AYUSH related updates in the get together, etc to all AYUSH members, supporter & well wishers, who unable to attend get together/meeting etc.

2. To ensure all things should run smooth without depending on individuals, 3. AYUSH related activities should be taken care in free available time from your own schedule. So you success in your work is our first concern.

4. We are ensuring AYUSH activities will won’t affect your work schedule.

5. to get all updates about AYUSH without affecting your work we started AYUSH online. (monthly issue)

6. we will improve our content continuously. Expecting feedback from your side to improve our presence & reach more peoples.

7. we are requesting you to help us to reach more no, of peoples.

8. we are pure independent not dependant to individual.

AYUSH online all things are manage by AYUSH team. For details please contact mention mail id’s

Don’t want to receive email notifications? unsubcribe AYUSH online. AYSH online values your privacy. At no time has AYUSH online made your email address available to any other user without your permission.


about us AYUSH is self volunteer group of professionals who wants to take initiative to develop & unified our tribal community for future competitions our basic aims are - To bring together all individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that believe in innovation and development of tribal’s, and to translate their energies into achievements that impact the way and quality of life and society - To connect peoples from different professions & locations with them form knowledge pool for knowledge & experience sharing - To guide/help rural students for their career & future with the help of knowledge pool - To create awareness about business opportunities & employment in rural areas - To connect the rural & urban peoples to update about the future trends & competitions - create confidence among tribal’s & make prepare for future competitions - create awareness about art & culture, promote to preserve art & culture with considering modern lifestyle - to promote strong unity under single tribal banner & remove subtribism in tribal community - remove the dependency & make tribal youth self dependant, confident & successful - To create awareness about use of latest technology in regular life & for social activates our vision A – Ambition of Growth Y – Youth Power U – Unity of Adivasi S – Surety of Support H – Helping Hand Always why we are here? - To utilize our peoples talented, skill & knowledge to help/guide tribal students for their bright future - To connect the peoples from different locations to our community & have good communication between rural & urban peoples - To act as stage for those who wants to something for our community & to translate their energy for developing our community - We are enjoying Satisfaction of having tried To make a difference and the pride of being & making a successful tribal how we can do ? - Connecting different peoples [by internet, mail, sms, forums, etc] - Communication & discussion with all connected peoples [peoples, professionals & students] - Conducting different programs [career guidance, educational guidance, art seminar, cultural festival, debate, etc] - These programs will create confidence among tribal’s which will help to ensure our success we expect - The peoples connected by internet are expected to guide & support our mission & activities - The rural peoples & professionals are expected to support & arrange different programs at local level connect with us - Our aim is to reach each & every tribal’s, we will be happy if you help us

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