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Namaskar Friends!

Welcome to AYUSH group, the group of tribal intellectuals. Aim to establish knowledge pool & skill sharing mechanism using social networking. Our objective is to create social awareness & tribal empowerment.

Let us establish connections between experts & youngsters for sharing views & information. Let us utilize our valuable time for tribal development activities. Let us do it together!

Our Prime Objective:

  • Educational & career success
  • Tribal Empowerment
  • Tribal Culture & tradition preserve
  • Integrity in Tribal community

Online Link :

Social Networking  :

With the  help of social network, connect the professionals & students among rural & urban area. Let us connect online tribal population and let us share views on tribal development. This is initial stage of tribal unity, Tribal community is family. You may google us by “adiyuva”. Expecting your move for our community

Thanks & regards

AYUSHonline team


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  1. Sumedha says:

    Hi I want the number of Rajesh Chaitya Vangad, i am a journalist who wants to write on his work, thanks

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