about us
AYUSH is self volunteer group of professionals who wants to take initiative to develop & unified our tribal community for future competitions
 our basic aims are
 – To bring together all individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that believe in innovation and development of tribal’s, and to translate their energies into achievements that impact the way and quality of life and society – To connect peoples from different professions & locations with them form knowledge pool for knowledge & experience sharing

 – To guide/help rural students for their career & future with the help of knowledge pool
 – To create awareness about business opportunities & employment in rural areas
 – To connect the rural & urban peoples to update about the future trends & competitions
 – create confidence among tribal’s & make prepare for future competitions
 – create awareness about art & culture, promote to preserve art & culture with considering modern lifestyle
 – to promote strong unity under single tribal banner & remove subtribism in tribal community
 – remove the dependency & make tribal youth self dependant, confident & successful

 – To create awareness about use of latest technology in regular life & for social activates

our vision
A – Ambition of Growth
Y – Youth Power
U – Unity of Adivasi
S – Surety of Support
H – Helping Hand Always
why we are here?
 –  To utilize our peoples talented, skill & knowledge to help/guide tribal students for their bright future
 –  To connect the peoples from different locations to our community & have good communication between rural & urban peoples
 –  To act as stage for those who wants to something for our community & to translate their energy for developing our community
 –  We are enjoying Satisfaction of having tried To make a difference and the pride of being & making a successful tribal
how we can do ?
 –  Connecting different peoples [by internet, mail, sms, forums, etc]
 –  Communication & discussion with all connected peoples [peoples, professionals & students]
 –  Conducting different programs [career guidance, educational guidance, art seminar, cultural festival, debate, etc]
 –  These programs will create confidence among tribal’s which will help to ensure our success
we expect
 –  The peoples connected by internet are expected to guide & support our mission & activities
 –  The rural peoples & professionals are expected to support & arrange different programs at local level
connect with us
 – Our aim is to reach each & every tribal’s, we will be happy if you help us connect more peoples – To receive regular updates Join AYUSH google group, you can join group by sending name & mail id to ayush@adiyuva.in
 – If you wish To join us, please mail us your details so we will reach to you

– We will be happy to work with peoples with matching vision & mission

let us do it together
 –  You can support us as per your availability & interest, to know how you can support us requesting you to visit “support us” at our home page–  Expecting your valuable support to make faster our dream comes true
AYUSH – ensuring tribal success
www.adiyuva.in | ayush@adiyuva.in


there is life beyond dot com! [AYUSH picnic]


Hi friends.

Just sending mails/sms, creating websites & forums is not our aim,

It is just medium to connect peoples & opinions sharing. But net is helping us to reach peoples from all location any time.


We are in touch by mails from many days, How about going out for picnic we all together

What you think about arranging picnic of all AYUSH related friends

will you AYUSH Picnic?


Details are –

Date – 2nd may [Sunday] or 8th may [Saturday]

Time – 9 am – 4 pm [flexible]

Venue – as per choice from below list


So can you please respond about your availability & choice of venue.

Few identified options for picnic are –



So please make necessary arrangements in your schedule & keep time or personal life to enjoy our real nature!

Waiting for your response.


Thanks & regards


AYUSH team





AYUSH job alerts








Hi friends hope you all are doing well.

Our team come across few job openings, which can be useful to you & your friends.

Expecting you will share these openings with your friends. & as many as peoples can take advantage.

 We are helping friends who are not aware of openings. So requesting you to forward to your friends.


Job openings are as per follow.

(for more details visit ref. or see attach files)


Sr. No.




No. of post (total)

No. of post (ST)


Contact for details



Jr. Engr

ITI + 1 yr exp







Jr. Tech








Note –

          Mention data according to ref.

          More detail information can be obtain from ref.

          For correct information visit source site & attaché files



Thanks & regards


AYUSHonline team


AYUSH – warli artsists at "adishilp 2009"…

hi friends….
our friends atttended the national exibistion at hyderabad, from maharashtra only warli arts is represented by Mr. Ganesh wangaad & Mr. Amit Dombare. attached few clicks.
for more pics please visit links.
AYUSH – warli artsists at "adishilp 2009"… national tribal craft expo. ( a festival of indian tribal art & crafts) 28 nov to 7 dec @ hyderabad
few pics –
just for your information.
Thanks & regards
AYUSHonline team

Invetition for program at mahalxmi

Hi friends

 Invitation for program at  mahalaxmi mandir

This is the invetition card about a programm arranged in Mahalaxmi on 28th and 29th Nov 09

At Vivalvedhe, near National Highway-8 At Dahanu , Thane





How to reach Kasa (AYUSH get together)

Good morning friends
As many of friends are travelling from distance & not aware about location,

Giving basic idea about location & how to reach there
Hope you will get idea.

AYUSH get together, how to reach kasa
mode of journey
60 km
1 hr
60 km
shuttle/ passenger
BUS/ 6 seater
25 km
regular 6 seater service
Ghod bandar (highway)
1.5 hr
check vehicles on highway
Ghod bandar (highway)
truck/tempo/ any vehicle
BUS/ 6 seater
1 km
5 min
120 km
check time table
Ghod bandar (highway)
15 km
30 min
regular buses
Ghod bandar (highway)
110 km
2.5 hr
truck/tempo/ any vehicle
1 km
5 min
Bus 1
120 km
check time table
Bus 2
50 km
check time table
70 km
2 hr
check time table
kasa is located in dahanu taluka, distance from Dahanu station is 25 km, from thane & Mumbai 120 km
for highway journey time is depend on vehicle type.
For detail idea please use wikimapia ( link is given in mail/blog/ orkut profile)

Kasa –
Venue – PABV School

( Pujya Acharya Bhise Vidyalay Kasa)

Near Varoti bridge on Javhar road.


Hope this information will be useful to you

hanks & regards



about 8th aug 09 get together

hi friends

about 8th aug get together
place – ashagadh school
members attended – about 35
female attendees are apreciable in this get together

get together was really good.
agenda of meeting
1. personal introduction by all attendies
2. introduction to AYUSH by VIraj Gadag & Dr. Sunil Parhad
3. Personal Opinion By Dr. Sunil Parhad (Doctor, Relience Energy Dahanu, DTPS)
4. Peronal Opinion & Plan for AYUSH by Sachin Satvi (Research Engineer, Hyundai Motors Hyderabad)
5. personal Opinion by Mr. Padavale (ex – tahasildar)
6. peronal opinion by mr. karabat (district head adivasi samajonnati sangh)
7. Peronal experience by mrs. Dhak (teacher)
8. Perosonal experience & opinion by all attendies
will update you all discussed points soon

thanks & regards


stills from get together are attached

AYUSH get together at Dhundalwadi

about get together, 8th aug




hi friends…..




about get together


date – 8th aug

Time – 2 pm

place : santoshi mandir, asha gadh


(asha gadh is located on dahanu javhar  road about 7 km from dahanu)



for detail communication please feel free to talk our members


Vasant bhasara – 9422675887

Dr. Sunil – 9860383632

Vilas – 9270516193

Sandip – 9220525706 

Maresh -9272609261

Viraj – 9224324614

Kishhor – 9970622274







ayush program @ dahanu, career guidence june 2009

hi friends….

aaj “ayush” che “career guidence” sathi Dahanu yethe prograam aahe….
venue – dahanu panchayat samiti hall.
date – 28 jun 09
time 10am to 5 pm

please attend same & inform to all your frds.


AYUSH get together 2009 jan

career gadence by AYUSH

about 2 nd get together…..

Namaskar mitranno….

Hya veles che “get together” kharach changale zaale….
Aapan aapalya mahatvachya veletun vel kadhalya baddal dhannyavad….

Hya veles kharach upastiti changali hoti…. (talasari region, vangoan region, jawhar region, kasa region, etc, etc)

Just aapan charcha kelele Vishay parat ekada maandat aahe…. (je kaahi karnamule yeu shalale vavhate tyasaathi..)

1. Sagalyanche vaiktik olakh…
2. Magachya get together thodakyat…
3. Aapalya samajachya samasya… (vyasan, niraxarata, ardha sixan.. stc, etc..)
4. Aapalya samajache prashna… (vyavasaay, sixan, maargadarshan…., ekata, sanskruti, etc)
5. Kaay karave??…
6. Saanstha kiva mandal… ashe sthapan karave jya mule kaahi karyakram aayojit karata yetil….(etc)

Aapan varil vishya varati charcha keli….

Aapalya samajache prashan…..
jashe ardha sixan (shala sodane, etc)…
vyavasay baddal chi udasinta….
Sixana baddal cha drishtikon….
Aapalya samajavishayi chi aastha….
Aapalya samaajachi ekata…
margadarshanacha aabhav….
Samajaat padat chalaleli dari….
Shahari aani gramin bhag….
Aapala tarun varga….
Raajkiy netrutva….
Samajik netrutva……
aapale san aani parampara…
aapale vyavasaay….
Aapalya bhagaat rojgaar…….
Vidyarthyana maarga darshaann….
Trunana na vyavasaay maarga darshan….
Yuvak mandale….etc… etc..

Ashe varil vashayavar charcha kartana laxat aale ki…..
kharach aapalya samaja purate laxa denari ekhadi saasntha, mandal kiva saanghatana aasavi…
jiche konatyach raajkiya paxashi kiva rajkiya vyakti shi sambadh nasaavat…..

jyache dheeyya fakta aapalya samaajachi unnati he asave…
aani tyasaathi kaahi pan karanyachi tayari asanaryanchi fouj asavi…..
Navinach saankat aaplya kade yetey.. kaahi manase jaanun bujun te pasarvatahet…..

Tu warli tu konkana tu nihari asa bhedbhaav aapalya samajat aanala jaat aahe…
to aapan purna taakadi nishi velevar thambavala naahi tar…
bhavishya aapalyana mothya samashela saamore jaave laagel…
Aapan adivasi aahet hi olakh pureshi aahe….
Aankhin warli konkana… hyachi kaahi garaj naahiyee….

Aapali maanase eka banner khaali aanavi…..
je shaharat aahet tyanaa gramin bhagatil samashya saangavyat…
aani tarunachi ek ashi pidhi tayar karavi ki je samaja sambadhi sagale prashan vevasstit hatalel..
aani tyaat konatyahi baaherchya vyakticha hasthxep nasava..
fakta purna aapalya manasaani aaplya maansa saathi…

Jashe nava sixit…
navinach naukarila lagalelet..
sadhya sixan ghetaahet…
thodakyat tarun varga…
ekatrit aanaava.. karan ha samajacha kana aahe.. udyache bhavishya aahe….. aani vayaskar maanse badalanyas lagech tayar nasataat… mhanun aapale laxa tarun varga kade aahe… tyanchya haatat aapalya samajache bhavishya aahe….

Pratyek gavat gaav patalivar mandale kiva sameeti tayar karavi ji sthanik samasye kade laxa deyil…..
aapalya gavatil vidyarthyanche prashana sodavil….

Kiman varshatun ekada tari ektra yaave…
tyaveles aapalyanaa saanskrutik karyakram thevata yetil…
pradarshan thevata yetil…..
yashashvi vidyarthyanche satkarr.. etc..etc

ashe bharpuur karyakram thevata yetil… jya mule sagale ekatra yetil aani charcha karata yeyil..
Samajala ekatra aanata yeyil…..

Aapali saanstha kiva saanghatana….
Sagalayanche ashe mat zaale ki.. aapan asa group form karava….. jyachya naava saathi kaahi paryaay aapan nivadalet… jashe.
1. Adivasi yuva shakti…
2. Adivasi yuva manch…
3. Adivasi yuva munch sanghatana…

Tisare get together 17 feb la thevale aahe…. Kasa he sagalyaana soyiskar asalya mule aapan parat kasa hech thikan nivadale aahe…..

Aata paryant mulaanchich upastiti hoti pan yaa pudhe muli pan apexit aahet…
ki jya mule mulinchya samsya pan kalanyas soppe jaayil…
aani mulina marga darshan karnyaas jar mulich asalya tar uttam …
Mhanun pdhachya veles yetana aapalya bahinina/maitrinina pan saangu shakata…….

Ha nirop sagalya paryant pohachava…. Hi apexa….

Varil vishaya var aapala abhipray jaruur kalavava.… tyavar aapan pudhachya veles charcha karuyatt…..

aapalya abhiprayachya pratixet…..


Samparka..SACHiNe SATVi…waghadi@gmail.com

SACHiNe SATVi (orkut)