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We appreciate you are looking for contact us.
We will definitely in touch with you.
Please feel free to reach us any time.
For quick response you can contact directly to listed members.
You can trace us by.
mail id – website – contact – 0 9246 361 249

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All online related querries   at local you can reach us at
Adivasi Yuva Shakti   Adivasi Yuva Sanghatan Manch   Village – Waghadi, Post – Kasa   Tal – Dahanu, Dist – Thane
Contact: +91 92 46 361 249   Maharashtra – 401607
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AYUSH Home Page   AYUSH Home Page
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google group   Dahanu Engineers Doctors
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yahoo group   Ashram Shala
linked in group   Talasari
Orkut profile   Kasa
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Facebook   Mi adivasi
Twiter   adivasi yuva
All AYUSH related querries can be answered by
SACHiNe SATVi  (BE Mech, Hyundai Motors, Hyderabad)
Waghadi, Tal – Dahanu, Dist – Thane
Dr. Sunil Parhad  (BAMS, Relience Energy, Dahanu)
Khambale, Tal – Dahanu, Dist – Thane  +91 98 60 383 632
Vasant Bhasara  (MSW, TATA, Tulajapur)
Dhundalwadi, Tal – Dahanu, Dist – Thane  +91 94 22 675 887
Pranjan Raut  (BE Mech, Air India, Mumbai)
Javhar, Tal – Javhar, Dist – Thane  +91 99 69 633 375
Dr. Sharad Satvi  (MBBS, Mumbai)
Waghadi-Kasa, Tal – Dahanu, Dist – Thane  +91 97 02 312 342

2 Responses to Contact us

  1. Nagesh says:

    Tell me more about cheda. tyacha naivedyya Manpan puja etc.

  2. Team Media says:

    Hi, My Name is Suhas, I wanted to understand what is the market size of Warli Industry & Volume. I making a short film on one of the Warli Artists Please communicate with me on 9867593244.

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